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get ready with necara for your digital transformation

„Software is eating the world“

(Marc Andreessen)

Technology companies like Amazon, Google and Netflix
think, decide and act unconventionally.

They are able to quickly enter new markets due to their tech-savviness.
To stay competitive, you need to act now.

Digitalize and visualize your business processes today
to better data-driven decisions tomorrow.

Necara is your sparring partner and business associate along your digital transformation.

What to expect from us

all-around view

To develop custom-tailored software we will understand your personnel, products, customers, and processes.

web applications

Our web applications will scale with your business. Be it for 10, 100, or 100,000 users. We provide you with the technical solution.

through focus

Focused work in combination with the right tools and methodology is the key to quality software.

How we work

Laravel Logo

Our core development framework
for web applications.


A pool of reusable modules allows us to develop pretty fast.


Prioritized requirements and rapid implementation in order to gain high velocity is a success factor.


With our automated processes you will have access to the latest development revision at any time. Early results instead of long waiting times.


Unreliable servers and IT infrastructure is the bottleneck for web applications. We own high performing servers in Germany. You would like to scale globally? We will do it.

Getting started?

1. Understanding

In a first meeting, we will gain insights about your company. We will observe and understand your problems from point of view of customers, employees, and management.

2. Deciding

After retrieving the collected information we will work out different solutions. Afterwards, we will decide and pick the best solution.

3. Prototyping

After finalizing the contract. We will start immediately with the prototype, in order to present a working piece of software in short period of time.

4. Learning

We will launch the product as quickly as possible. This way we will learn about real world user experience and feedback. After that we adapt the solution to better fit the user’s needs.

Challenge us?

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Phone: +49 (0) 6132 / 51 55218
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